Relay Recess

Relay recess is a walk for people who have had cancer. During the Relay we taught the kids about cancer and how to prevent it. Doing this met a lot to me because I know people who have had cancer survivors and those who lost the battle.  I am one of the lucky ones, a doctor found out that I had it before it got really bad and cut the cancerous skin off my body.  I enjoy doing this because I like teaching others about cancer and how to prevent it.  We had stations for the little kids to go to there they played games that taught them about cancer along with coloring sheets and other worksheets.


The fundraiser that I was in was a petting zoo. At first we only had a few animals but people started to bring more and more animals as we came along.  One of the main attractions were the horses, we only planned on having one horse but about halfway through someone else brought two more horses and then we had three horses that people could ride on.  We had kittens and puppies to give away.  Over all it was fun raising money for ACS.

Just remember to walk to stop cancer.

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  2. Atze, I enjoyed reading your posts. I like how you use pictures, links, and sources to add meaning and relevance to your ideas. Because of this, I have nominated your blog for “Best Student Blog” in the Edublogs awards.

    Keep blogging!

    Edublogs Nominations

  3. Thank you Ms. Edwards!

    This means a lot to me because I do not get many viewers due to the lack of, Publication you might say. I have not had much activity due to mainly one reason. I am writing a 10,000 word novel for nanowrimo. Once I am done I will write a synopsis and will post it on my blog and i will get back to blogging.

    Sincerely, Atze

  4. Hey, Atze, you’re a blogger! I’ve never tried it, myself, but I do know it’s a great way to get the written word out there. I was curious about the first article, on the cancer relay. You indicate that you have had cancer, and I was’t aware of that! I know your dad has dealt with it recently. Tell me YOUR story, Your poor Aunt obviously hasn’t kept up with her family very well!

    • Hello Aunt Alicia!
      Sorry I haven’t been able to respond. Well I don’t know what to say but I might write a blog post about my experience with cancer.
      Yours truly, Atze

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