Hello everybody! Christmas is just around the corner and I think that we should remember these next few days are about, fiends, family, and love. I hope that people don’t focus too much on material things like the new game console or new phone and remember that we should do what Christmas was originally meant for, spreading the joy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I hope that everyone that is traveling stays safe and that you all have a great meal. I wish that we all remember what Thanksgiving is for. To give thanks to the harvest and to the preceding year.  Remember that without farmers that we couldn’t be able to put food on our tables. Also that if it wasn’t for our past, we wouldn’t have a future.

Sorry again

Hey everyone! I posted my last post with true intentions but i had a huge family emergency causing me to be out of town for a couple weeks and when I came back school had started and I was in football. So that took a lot out of my day. I promise to make sure that I post at least one post a week and depending on how people react to this I will post more. If you have any ideas to what I should post please leave a comment below.

So sorry

Hey everybody! I am so sorry that I have not posted things lately and that is because I’ve had one heck of a summer so far and I will tell you all about it in due time starting today.

May Genius Hour

For my May genius hour I did 2 things, first of all I made some chocolate chip cookies and second of all I made a stop motion animation movie with some friends. The movie is on one of my friends blog and I think that the movie looks awesome, especially if you like cars. Deven’s Blog

March Genius Hour

For Genius Hour this March I taught a fellow classmate how to do a duet for the song “Someone Like You” on piano by Adele.

Then Just Feed One

Spalding has been putting in there part to feed the world for 8 years. We have packaged over 1,000,000 meals to send to countries around the world. We put rice, dried vegetables, soy, and chicken base is the mixture. It needs to weigh about 14 oz. We had 16 stations working on filling, packaging, and weighing the bags.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” ~ Mother Teresa

Philip Gans, a Holocaust survivor

On Tuesday I went to a presentation about a guy named Philip Gans. He is a holocaust survivor and an educator. He told us(me and my class with other classes from different schools) that he survived a slave labor camp called Auschwitz III. He told us his story on how he survived and how he watched his family die. We should all remember our past no matter what it is and learn from its mistakes.

My gun control Speech

What would you do if someone pulled a gun on you and you did not have anything to protect yourself because guns were illegal? Now you may ask yourself but if guns were illegal how and why did he have one? Well to answer that question you have to look at everything else that is illegal like drugs, just because it is illegal does not mean that it is suddenly gone.

    Now you may be thinking something like “well if there were no guns then there would be no shooting or mass murders” that is wrong, you’re right there might not have been a shooting but instead a bomb or they might still have a gun but instead of it being semi-auto it might be automatic. This is because if guns are illegal then people would know how to get guns illegally but if they know how to do that then they would probably know how to find automatic ones.

    One thing that many people did not know is that if you want to buy a gun at a store you have to wait three days, people call it the cool-off days because if you got in a fight with someone and you did not have a gun then you would have to buy one and wait three days. If they still kill the person they were mad at after three days then it would be premeditated murder.

    I live with an Ideal that is “people kill people, objects don’t” so when I hear of a murder and then there is more talk about gun control I have to just shake my head.

    Another thing I have to laugh about is if you read what the law would say, you will see that it will ban registered guns. Registered, no non registered guns. So that means that law abiding citizens will get their guns taken away and everyone else won’t.

    Also did you know that anyone that has been in jail can not have a gun, yet many of them do have guns. So that means that those guns are not registered and will not be taken away if the law passes. Many criminals that have guns do not get charged for having one.

    Did you know that according to the FBI annual crime statistics more people are killed with everyday objects than with guns? So what will happen next? Will hammers be outlawed? Will baseball bats? People need to step back and see what they are saying when they say that guns kill people. They need to realize that objects don’t commit murder, people do.



That is my opinion on gun control. Hope you enjoyed.

To this day.

To this day is a video that Shane Koycan narrates and is about him and all the troubles he went through school due to bullying and how it effects everyone.  To This Day. It taught me that no matter what I do I should think about what I am saying or doing before I continue or before I start them.

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